SC 34 Meetings, Jeju Island, Korea - Day 0 
2008-09-27, 10:04
Day 0 is meant to be for acclimatisation coming to terms with the time-zone, a spot of gentle sightseeing, that sort of thing The formal meetings start tomorrow (Sunday).

As it is, however, a few pressing issues have demanded attention one is a rather esoteric problem surrounding XML entity reference renaming in DSRL (follow along on WG1s public discussion list here); the other is the impact that the sudden appearance of the ISO/IEC 29500 (OOXML) text has had. Suddenly, a lot of work which might have had to go on ice seems likely to proceed apace for example the ODF/OOXML interoperability work and the defect handling of OOXML.

NBs will also start to scrutinise the final 29500 text to ensure their own BRM-mandated changes have been implemented. In my opinion one of the many problems with the Fast Track process is that the text implied by the BRM result passes straight for publication (this is explicit in the Directives). It would be much more sensible all round, I think, to allow for an FDIS stage so that NBs could proof the text for the implementation of the resolved-on-changes.

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