SC 34 Meetings, Jeju Island, Korea - Day 2 
2008-09-30, 08:38

Honeymoon Island

Thats what they call it here, and in season this resort is throbbing with newlyweds. Right now though, it has a something of the ghost-town about it, as it is half-deserted apart from us standards wonks.

The Honeymoon continues? Patrick Durusau (USA) and
Jean Paoli (Microsoft/Ecma)

Today was a solid 9-till-5 meeting day, and for me the jet lag is beginning to take its toll. Luckily our Korean hosts have a steady supply of coffee and that keeps us all in the game; that, and the ineffable fascination of every topic we discuss in WG 1. Take the topic of character registries for example. Now, even for WG 1 diehards this is a somewhat recondite subject area so I am sure a few eyes glazed over when we addressing the question of whether to include a normative reference to ISO/IEC 15897 in our own CREPDL specification (FCD 19757-7). However, after an eloquent argument from Hideki Hiura there was a clear consensus not to include it. Or, at least, no one (except the original proponent of the inclusion of the reference) contradicted him

Hideki Hiura (left) and Murata Makoto (Japan)

Yet more ODF and OOXML

were the main topics of today, both separately and in tandem. Of most interest, perhaps, was the discussion surrounding the start of work on a project setting out to describe the mapping between ISO/IEC 26300 (ODF) and ISO/IEC 29500 (OOXML). This had received wide and decisive voting support from countries in its ballot, though some countries had objected to its commencement due to the non-availability of the ISO/IEC 29500 text. That hiatus is now happily behind us and the project is set to proceed with a powerful three-person editing teams (from Germany, Korea and China).

It is always pleasing to see widening participation in SC 34 and in these meetings we have been honoured with the presence of a large Chinese delegation. Word is that UOML may be coming our way shortly, and there are even rumours that there may be an opportunity for SC 34 involvement in UOF. Wow if so, that would be a really positive opportunity for work on truly International document interoperability work, and would further strengthen SC 34s role as the centre of the Office document format universe.
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