Where is there an end of it? | Cambridge at Night - The Round Church

Cambridge at Night - The Round Church

Cambridge at Night
Cambridge at Night
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I had to wait for my son to finish watching a show at  the theatre, and  so had a chance to take some night shots.

It was cold, cloudy and drizzling. The ambient light was slightly spiced-up by the Xmas decorations, which maybe helped to account for some of the interesting colours here.

An HDR image.

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  • Wu Ming Shi

    12/2/2008 8:22:49 PM |

    Nice picture. Interesting also because it is quite difficult to capture the whole church.

    Let me guess... ADC theatre for panto. Photo taken at day time. Sometime between last thursday and yesterday (as the weather were gloomy)

    Why didn't you join your son?

    Christmas lights at Cambridge is a joke this year. It was never good, but this year we really see the results of credit crunch. Even the now closed Halford store  besides Sainsbury made a better effort has a better display than the rest of town! I mean ... nothing in market square and Lion Yard??

  • Gareth

    12/2/2008 10:24:15 PM |

    Very interesting, as it looks more like a screenshot from a computer RPG than real life.


  • Alex

    12/3/2008 12:35:19 AM |

    @Wu Ming Shi

    Not the panto, but some rather more serious piece about minotaurs, as part of a school outing. It didn't finish till 22:45 (past my usual bed time) and this picture was taken at around 22:00!


    I suppose computer rendered scenes are a price source of HDR experiences yes!

  • jammer

    1/23/2009 8:11:36 AM |

    so spiritual.
    I have been there once.
    great feeling

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