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Moving in

This blog theme is a bit ... austere.

Here's  a pici to cheer things up before I get the place nicely redecorated.

From jeju 2008

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  • Andrew Sayers

    10/8/2008 4:52:27 AM |

    Hi Alex,

    I'm having a couple of issues with the new blog:

    * Comments aren't displayed if you disable Javascript
    * The notification when you don't give an e-mail address isn't clear enough

    I prefer to browse with JS disabled by default (paranoid as I am about such things), and it would be nice to view comments without enabling it.  If that's not possible, could you at least add a <noscript>Comments require Javascript</noscript> message so that people know why comments aren't being displayed?

    Because the * in "E-mail*" is a dangling pointer, I had ignored it and assumed that e-mail addresses were still optional.  Could you add a "* = Required" message below "Add comment" and a "please enter your e-mail address" message directly above/below the "save comment" button, to displayed when the user forgets to enter one?

      - Andrew

  • Alex

    10/9/2008 1:26:18 PM |


    I think JavaScript is now such an integral web technology it is no longer sensible to fight against it. If you must, use something like NoScript with Firefox and enable JS as-and-when it is needed.

    Thanks for site feedback - I don't "do" ASP.NET development (and this is ASP.NET software) , so will let things bed-in before hmodifying anything - nevertheless consider your requests added to the "to do" list Smile

    - Alex.

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