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My father-in-law, possibly amused by watching me dick around with a DSLR and laptop over the weekend, decided to dig his camera equipment out of storage

These are the cameras he used, over three decades, to take the pictures for his magnum opus (so becoming the first non-Russian to be awarded the Russian Academy of Fine Arts’ gold medal). He asserted he'd always been pleased with Rolleiflex ...

The episode has a useful pay-off ... it established with my wife a new baseline for the number of cameras it is reasonable for a man to own :-)

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  • Kaveh

    3/15/2010 3:56:48 AM |

    Alex, what a beautiful collection. I am envious. I am envious...

  • Wu MingShi

    3/15/2010 6:46:49 PM |

    Can they still take picture? If not, can they be restored?

    Can we still get films for them, or do you know whether it is possible to substitute the film with CCD?

  • Alex

    3/15/2010 7:55:12 PM |

    @Wu MingShi

    I think at least the most recent (1980s) model is working. I'm sure anything that needs repairing can be -- the Rolleiflex scene is still quite thriving.

    I don't think it would be worth fitting a sensor. These camera take (widely-available) 120 film, and the quality you can get from scans of that is still not definitely surpassed even by the most cutting-edge digital sensors of today!

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