Where is there an end of it? | SC 34 Meetings, Seattle - Day 1

SC 34 Meetings, Seattle - Day 1

At the invitation of ANSI, SC 34 is in sunny Bellevue for five jam-packed days of Standards meetings (Sunday-Thursday). This is a full and busy event, with around 60 delegates registered from 14 countries (Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Korea, Norway, South Africa, UK, and the USA) and 4 liaison organisations (Ecma, OASIS, W3C and the XML Guild).

Maybe by the end of it a number of momentous questions will have been answered, including:

  • Whether the world needs a standardised way to associate XML documents with schemas
  • Whether OOXML Transitional should be evolved
  • How ISO/IEC 26300 shall be maintained within SC 34
  • How standard schemas should be licensed to users
  • How MIME types should best be used for identifying document formats

Stay tuned ...

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  • Alex

    9/16/2009 12:43:53 PM |


    - Part 1 does not reference Part 3 (MCE)

    - The "preprocessor" described in Part 3 is informative and optional

    MCE-containing documents are invalid to the Part 1 schemas, and so non-conformant OOXML ...

    More work to be done ...

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